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Object-oriented Quality and Risk Management (OQRM)

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OQRM: For focussed improvement...

  • An innovation in the domain of quality and risk management
  • Applicable in any organisation, on any scale and in any field of expertise.
  • For customised frameworks, quality assurance and risk management
  • Integrates quality and risk management
  • Practical and efficient
  • A standard approach for customized solutions
  • Developed and applied at Statistics Netherlands
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Target groups of OQRM are consultants in quality and risk management, quality and risk managers, managers in general, project managers, researchers and students

Can be applied to marketing, production, research & development, purchasing, human resource management, finance, statistics and IT. Applicable in all industries in the private and public sector. Where standards are not available and/or customisation is needed.


Object-oriented Quality and Risk Management.
A practical and generic method to manage quality and risks.

100 pages, USD 12.50
ISBN 978-1-291-03735-1
Available at Lulu and at Amazon.

Company licence available at request (info@oqrm.org)